Wall Flip Chapter 18

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FYI, the chapter titles can be funny sometimes, but mostly they’re just a phrase taken out of the chapter. Like: Chapter 17 – Don’t Think I’m Hello Kitty Just Because I’m A Pacifist! or Chapter 18 – Poor IQ Really Is The Most Serious Injury! (which I tweaked to make it sound funny in English as well: “You Sir, Are Not A Genius!”)

Beautiful cinnamon roll–If you have eyes and can see Mt. Tai, this is totally not the original Chinese, which was something along the lines of “My eyes didn’t fail me, this girl’s a total treasure (jester), she’s too cute.” BUT I COULDN’T RESIST THE CINNAMON ROLL MEME, STONE ME OKAY.

Braised Pork in Soy Sauce is a famous Shandong dish. Here’s a recipe I found.  

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“Hahaha! So that’s what a kitten showing her claws looks like. I gotta hand it to her, look at how ugly Prince Rui’s expression is.” Yan Ran was the first to recover. He covered his mouth with his hands to muffle his laughter. He’d almost busted his gut laughing. Continue reading “Wall Flip Chapter 18”

Wall Flip Chapter 17

Back in the Ming Dynasty, the government would erect memorial arches for chaste widows. They look something like this:

弱冠 – coming of age. This refers to the capping ceremony. When men come of age at 20, they wore their hair up in a bun and wore a special cap. Here’s a nice little article on it. And now you know how old Tingye is 🙂

I no longer have Microsoft Word, and I gave up on copy-pasting dashes right in the middle of this chapter. If you see “–”, just bear with it.

Also, such salt from the ukes.

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The intricate music hung in the air, shattering the silence that gripped the night. Vivid notes flowed from the young woman’s pale, thin fingers. It brought to mind the poignant play of moonlight on water, the merry bubbling of a running stream. It brought to mind the sweet chime of jewelry on a jade plate, the gentle rustling of a breeze through a bamboo forest. Continue reading “Wall Flip Chapter 17”

Wall Flip Chapter 16

Eyy, update. Beautiful Grand Tutor’s getting translated as Gorgeous Tutor now. Why? It’s faster and more nickname-y. If you bother to reread and find any unchanged instances, please let me know.

I also changed aight to mkay. BECAUSE I CAN. Why didn’t I think of it sooner.

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Just then, as the two were staring at each other, with one set of eyes large, one small, a familiar voice called out from behind them, interrupting their showdown. Continue reading “Wall Flip Chapter 16”

Wall Flip Chapter 15

Arms can’t beat legs is an expression meaning “the weak can’t beat the strong”.

Mental pressure – You know, like dragonfear from the games and novels? Where you feel panic and are frozen in place.

傻大个 is what I translated as hillbilly. It’s also the name of what Baidu leads me to believe is a miracle fertilizer

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Free of a certain somebody’s harassment, Xia Yuqing was like a fish back in water in the following days. Her health improved, her stomach filled. In the blink of an eye, the day of the welcoming banquet arrived. Continue reading “Wall Flip Chapter 15”

Wall Flip Chapter 14

The past week I’ve been busy with back to school stuff. And next week will be my mock exams. So translating’s slowed down. I’ll make it up, promise.

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Jade Gate Pass was a western frontier post on the Silk Road.

Wall Flip is a novel that is easy to read, difficult to translate. My translation’s not the most accurate, but I try my best to convey the flavor and meaning.

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After eating her fill, Xia Yuqing put up her feet and had her “fun”. Feng Tingye wasn’t so lucky.

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